It might be the copper. It might be the magnets. It might be a little of both but I definitely have more energy and endurance since I started wearing my 'anyware' products.

Anthony B.

My granddaughter gave me an 'anyware' watch as a Christmas gift. By New Year's Day I was asking her if I could buy one for my other wrist and both ankles! Having had 2 hip replacements I was amazed by the pain relief I encountered after wearing this copper watch. I wasn't the envy of our nursing home for long because now all of my friends are wearing them too.

Laura M.

The buying of my first piece of 'anyware' jewelry created a problem - I had to buy more to accessorize more outfits.

Lisa B.

I feel so energetic when I'm wearing my copper watch. I have to take it off a few hours before bed so I can sleep.

Michelle C.

Magnets, pearls, hematite - what a healthy, earthy fashionable combination.

Sharon M.

Professional Athletes who are known to use or have used magnets or magnetic therapy to enhance their game

  • Jim Colbert - Professional Golfer - Champions Tour
  • Tom Weiskopf - former Professional Golfer
  • Chi Chi Rodriguez - Professional Golfer - Champions Tour
  • Donna Andrews - Professional Golfer - LPGA Tour
  • Bob Murphy - Professional Golfer - Champions Tour
  • John Huston - Professional Golfer - PGA Tour
  • Hideki Irabu - Pitcher - New York Yankees
  • Chiba Lotte Marines - Professional Baseball Team in Japan
  • Quilvio Veras - 2nd Baseman - Boston Red Sox
  • Andrew Good - Pitcher- Arizona Diamondbacks - Pitcher of the Year 1999
  • David Cone - Pitcher - New York Mets
  • Chris Jones - former Outfielder - San Diego Padres
  • Jimmy Conners - Professional Tennis player
  • Lindsay Davenport - Professional Tennis player
  • Lisa Campbell - Badminton - Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Betty Cuthbert - Track and Field - 4 time Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Dan Marino - Quarterback - Miami Dolphins
  • Ronnie Lott - former Safety - Oakland Raiders
  • Bill Romanowski - Linebacker - Denver Broncos
  • Dan Pastorini - former Quarterback - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Oail Andrew 'Bum' Philips - former Coach - New Orleans Saints
  • Larry Duensing - trainer - San Diego Padres
  • Kevin Towers - General Manager - San Diego Padres
  • Steve Atwater - Safety - Denver Broncos
  • Craig Erickson - former Quarterback - Miami Dolphins

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